Demetrius Ramos Seminar Report 10/07/2021

On Sunday several members of Carlson Gracie Essex travelled up to Felixstowe to attend the farewell seminar hosted by Demetrius Ramos. Demetrius is returning to the USA and to his academy in Arizona - Tucson Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Also in attendance to instruct were Eduardo Gonçalves and Checkmat Blackbelt Claudio Silva - who had less than 24hrs before won the WFC Middleweight Title Belt. Demetrius will be handing his classes in Norwich over to Claudio and Edu will be taking over the BJJ instruction at Dynamo. The seminar gave the students an opportunity to meet their new instructors and sample the high level of BJJ instruction they will continue to receive. Our own Alain Pozo was on hand to aid the demonstrations and support the students.  

For the most part the seminar focussed on half guard techniques, with Demetrius and Edu both showing positions and techniques from the bottom, demonstrating how to react to the opponent and transition to sweep or take the back. Edu explained that these were unapologetically Black Belt level techniques, but that he was keen to expose the students to this level of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Claudio followed Edu and Dema’s techniques with a half -guard pass which had been highly popular at this year’s Mundials, as well as showing the setup for the kneebar he used to win the finals of the recent Submission 1000 event, with several calf-crush, leg and ankle lock variations to use from the same position.  Claudio’s instruction came with a huge amount of detail with application beyond the moves being shown.

Demetrius ended the seminar with several belt promotions and an emotive speech about his time in the UK, thanking his students and friends and outlining the bright future he sees for BJJ in the area with Alain, Edu and Claudio leading the way. Edu, Claudio and Alain also gave a few words to thank Dema, talk of the mutual respect that exists between them and outline some of their expectations.

Carlson Gracie Essex would like to wish Demetrius well for the future. He is a fantastic instructor with true BJJ spirit – an example to us all. We hope some of our students will take the opportunity to visit and train with Demetrius at his academy in Arizona in the future.

All of the students at these clubs will always be very welcome to visit and train with us in Essex.



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