Competition Schedule


A selection of  upcoming BJJ and no-gi tournaments:

September 11 2011
Groundcontrol Grappling (Manchester)

October 01-02 2011
London International Open IBJJF Championship (Crystal Palace, London)

October 23 2011
GoToTheGround - Round 04 (Ipswich)

October 23 2011
No Gi British Open (Birmingham)

November 05 2011
NAGA 2nd Grappling / BJJ Tournament (Paris, France)

November 12-13
Swedish Open (Stenungsund, Sweden)

November 26-27 2011
The English Open BJJ Championships (Dartford)

There will be HUGE medals!
There will be a repechage
There will be Acai
There will be an accurate timetable
There will be comfortable seats for spectators
There will be prizes for some divisions
There will be superfights

More updates to follow soon!

Please speak to Alain or send a message if you are interested in competiting in any of the upcoming events.

Please be aware that Brazilian Jiujitsu is a full contact grappling art. In the interests of safety the instructor will make the final decision on the students eligibility to compete.

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